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Environmental Policy

We believe that honesty is the best policy therefore Blu-print Media aims to provide support to small, medium and large organisations, charities, students and individuals in a cost effective and energy efficient way by listening to their requirements.


We recognise that there is a need for climate change which is a serious problem that we face globally. Therefore our key focus is to decrease our carbon footprint contained by our electrical energy and our delivery services, which arise within our on-site evaluation. We intend to do this by:

  1. Minimise our carbon contribution by 5% in the 1st year from the current level of 7.6 tonnes CO2e
  2. Raise awareness internally through our carbon reduction action plan of the steps we need to take to reduce our carbon footprint
  3. Work with our local suppliers to present our carbon reduction actions and encourage their compliance and environmental activity to be presented to both Blu-Print Media and our members.
  4. Remove screen savers and hibernate computer monitors when not in use.
  5. Recycling various items and reuse packaging where applicable.
  6. Reduce vehicle usage or convert to electric or use cycling to distribute goods to clients.